Version: 7.0.3

Released: May 11st, 2019

Release Notes

System Requirements

Installation Instructions

Open Source

Basic project management features, limited user accessibility

It's free


Startups, team has less than 10 users. Unlock all advanced features.

$390 / year


Larger team has more than 10 users. Unlock all advanced features.

$1290 / year

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Paid, Self hosted

Main features

Project Management
Email Reporting
Boost Performance
Automatic alerts and reminders
Issues Tracking
Time Tracking
Invoice Management
Risk Management
Advanced Reports
Tag, Favorite and Calendar

Support & Maintenance

Wiki and Forum support
Email support
Installation Support
Upgrade support
Infrastructure maintenance

Frequently questions and answers

How can I install MyCollab on my host

Yes, you can. Before installing MyCollab on your host, make sure that every step in the installation guideline is followed.

What are the differences between the Community Edition and the Professional Edition

User accessibility, performance and many advanced features are the key differences between these editions. For a more detailed comparison, check out the table below.

Can you change MyCollab for my organization

We love making features, customizations, adjustments and tweaks to the system with competitive rate. If fitted, sometimes they may be added to the Standard Version.

Can I get a discount

We offer great discounts for annual and bi-annual payments. NPOs, Charities, Startups and Academic Institutions may be entitled to special discounts. If you organization is eligible, please contact an Office Sales Representative of ours.

Can I customize MyCollab by myself

Yes, MyCollab community is an open source software with license GPLv3. You can do everything with our source code despite having to follow the GPL v3 license if you do not want to be our partner.