August 3, 2015

We would really like to build the high profile project management and CRM tools which are useful for small and medium size companies. We also shared our parts of the code to export to the open source project which is hosted on We do believe Java/Scala is the superb combination choice to deliver the great performance system and well-clean written source codes. We know the importance of managing the good quality source codes, architect and in the Java world we have many great services help us to automatically manage this QA process with the very cheap cost spending.


As a startup company, we try to select the cheap cost services and business friendly open source libraries. Luckily, there are many free solutions in java world. Below are tools we are using in our distributed team:


Eclipse, IntelliJ Community

Build tools:

Maven. Though maven is not particularly flexible tool to manage the big projects like MyCollab, however it still be adopted into our build process rather well. We also integrate Maven with Sonar to give quality reports to our code quality, and the internal Hudson service helps us integrate the latest piece very early when there is new code submitted to git. Unit tests are run automatically and Hudson throws email if there gets some error during build process.

For the community builds. We use Drone and Travis to make the auto build and tests whether the any error of compilation and unit tests.

Source Version Control:

Github for the open source product, and Bitbucket for the closed source products

Project Management Tool:

MyCollab project management tool, of course. We are the happy users of MyCollab, and we are adding more features to MyCollab since it becomes the bigger project which has many sub projects. We are growing the product by using and improving it daily!

Communication tool

We use MyCollab to distribute the message to all team members. In the future, we would love to integrate an internal chat system in MyCollab. Until this feature is presented, Skype and Google Hangout are our favorite tools to communicate with the internal members.


We use page in MyCollab, it keeps all of our team knowledge in the project. For the sales document, google doc is enough for us.

If you want to trial the MyCollab services, go to and register for a new account

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