By John Adams | May 18, 2016

MyCollab 5.3.1 is the stable release of the branch 5.3.x. This branch mainly focuses to the customization and various reporting models for the premium software. For the open source editions, we just update the current existing features and UI according to the changes of our premium software. There is no big update for the open source edition in the next versions as we will see. MyCollab 5.3.1 is recommended to the all MyCollab users, it has a few goodies to install or upgrade.

Custom date formats, timezone

One of the most frequent requests to MyCollab is internalization and localization. We understand MyCollab users need, and that would be a reason to make MyCollab attract more users. This version allows user can custom the date time formats, currency and language for their countries. These values are the default values for all members in the account, but they can select the values for their own profile.

Custom date formats

Sharing your search result

MyCollab did not provide the easy way to share the search result except user saving the query filter. Now you are able to share the search result by giving the web link address as below, MyCollab will re-construct the search criteria fields and perform the search action.

Sharing search result

General performance improvement

MyCollab is always developed with the speed in mind. In this release, we optimized the many UI loading interactions to improve the site performance up to 15 – 20%. Enjoy how fast MyCollab can do for your business! You can read the detail release notes at here. Download it now and tell us what you think on the MyCollab forum.

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