By John Adams | November 16, 2016

MyCollab 4.5.5 is the latest stable release of the MyCollab 5.4 branch. It focuses to the user experience improvements, the account customization an mobile site loading performance. From this release, we also set the base of release schedule for the future releases. MyCollab is installed on thousands of teams, and each release must balance the quality of the delivery and the new features we deliver to the customers so we do not keep the delivery every 2-4 weeks but it will take longer time from 2-3 months.

Below are the changes in MyCollab 5.4.5

Libraries Updates

  • Guava 20.0
  • Other Libraries

Improvements & New Features

  • [Premium] Replace the own customer logo in front pages
  • [Premium] Replace the own customer logo in emails
  • [Premium] Check ticket satisfy the current query criteria to display or hide
  • Display order of show more tickets
  • Display color of milestone and task in associated views
  • Remove redundant javascript libraries in mobile browser
  • Other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Go to previous entry of task, bug go to the first entry
  • Unresolved tickets display wrong entries
  • Throw error when user enter the empty page view without having the write permission

We recommend to use the MyCollab premium software for the better user experience, performance and richer set of features. You can try it at

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