By John Adams | April 19, 2016

MyCollab 5.2.12 is the stable release of the branch 5.2.x. As planned, we will not add any extra features to this branch and move to the new branch 5.3.0 which contains many exciting features for mobile, customization and bunch of enterprise modules for the ultimate edition. There are several noticeable improvements are listed below

  • Allow uploading project logo
  • New project list view
  • Can adjust the parent-child relationship of tasks
  • Adjust the java memory settings
  • Can not modify basic properties of Kanban columns
  • Can not upload/rename the file include the special Unicode characters

We recommend users to upgrade to the latest MyCollab version if you are using the old MyCollab version. As usual, you can download MyCollab community edition at Or if you want to use the advance project management tools, you can register a free trial ultimate edition of MyCollab at

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